The Setup

The boat is moored in its own place in an attractive port in Palma and is operated and operated by a licensed captain who also acts as your partner’s “concierge” for booking and planning all stays on board during the year. On site, all focus is on relaxation and enjoyment and no precious time needs to be spent on repairs or maintenance.

All this for SEK 0 in annual fee.

Ett par som snorklar

The ownership

The yacht will be divided into a total of 10 shares and have a British flag. All service, maintenance, port fees and insurance are handled by the captain.

A purchased share gives three weeks’ right of use per year. Any unused weeks of these three can be chartered out, the income of which goes to the shareholder.


The cost of one share is SEK 2.8 million as well as a down payment of SEK 200.000. Thanks to our arrangement with, among other things, charter income, the annual fee will be 0.

When the yacht is sold in the future, all sales revenue goes to the shareholders.